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Ramblings of a third culture kid

Although for the longest time I didn’t think it was true, I finally realized how much being a third culture kid has shaped my life. What is a third culture kid? it is someone who grows up in another place where their parent’s culture is not their own, and neither is the culture they grew … Continue reading »

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from third culture kid to doctor

In a very small village, nestled in the endless tropical rainforest on the island of Papua New Guinea is where I grew up. I remember the hot, humid days, every day the same length, growing up with a people group that were living the same way they had been for thousands of years. In many … Continue reading »

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Island life in the city

An oasis ~or mirage?~ of island life in the city Yesterday I was walking down the sidewalk in Denver and I saw two people sitting on the grass beside the sidewalk under a city tree. They were African American, a man with big glasses and a woman in a long skirt, and the man was … Continue reading »

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